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FAQs: Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination

Before the Exam

What if I change my name, email address or other contact information?

In relation to exams, you must notify the College of any change of contact information or name changes as soon as possible. Changes may be made in writing or by phone. All requests for a change of name must be submitted in writing and accompanied by a copy of the legal document, such as a marriage certificate.

How do I apply for exam accommodation?
Requests for exam accommodation must be submitted in writing. Learn more about requesting accommodations.

If you have additional questions about exam accommodation, contact the College’s Customer Service Centre.

How do I reschedule my exam?
The application and examination fees are non-refundable. 

  • If you are rescheduling within the same exam window, you must do it through Pearson VUE.

  • If you are rescheduling to a different exam window, login to your online account. In your RPN application, you will see a link to schedule or transfer/withdraw from an exam. Note: A candidate who cancels or fails to attend a scheduled writing of an examination will be charged a cancellation fee of $73.45. 
Preparing for the Exam

How can I prepare for the CPNRE?
Canada’s Testing Company, also known as Assessment Strategies Inc., offers prep guides and an online practice test at its website.

Please note the College does not endorse any for-profit course that advertises itself as a way to help applicants successfully complete any of its examinations.

How can a test writer become familiar with the CBT technology?

Assessment Strategies Inc., who has been and will continue to be the administrator of the exam, will have a computer-based testing demo that writers can take to gain experience with the features of the system before writing the exam. This, as well as a demonstration guide, will be made available to writers once the exam provider has received their information. Writers will be notified by the exam provider when access to the demo is available.

Writing the Exam

How many chances do I get to write the exam?
All applicants are permitted three chances to write their registration exam. If you are not successful after three attempts, then your application will be reviewed by the Registration Committee, which will consider if there are any extenuating circumstances that might give the College reason to annul the results of one or more of your unsuccessful attempts.

Even if you do not complete the exam, each time you sit down to write the exam counts as one attempt. If you show up at your assigned examination sitting and you feel unable to complete the test, then do not begin writing it.

Please note you cannot apply for another examination before receiving your results from a previous examination. You can write the exam only once within an examination window.

What if something happens to me on the day of the exam and I can’t write it?
You can find information on cancelling and rescheduling through Pearson VUE.

What should I do if I encounter an issue while writing my exam?
If something happens when you are writing your exam, you need to immediately notify the test administrator at the test centre.

After the Exam

When will I get my results?
You will be notified about your exam result within six weeks in the message centre of the online portal. Exam results are not released over the telephone or by email.

I have written the exam and I would like to challenge the results. What do I do?
Those candidates who are unsuccessful in writing the national exam can request a rescore of their exam. Requests must be made through the College, and there is a fee for this service. Contact our Customer Service Centre for more information. 

Service for unsuccessful candidates

A service has been developed for candidates who are unsuccessful writing the national exam. It allows for the candidate’s Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination to be remarked by the testing agency. Requests for Score Verification of the CPNRE must be made through the College of Nurses of Ontario. The deadline date to apply for an exam written between June 7 to July 5, 2021 to be remarked is Wednesday, September 01, 2021. The fee for this service is $56.50 including HST. Please contact the Customer Service Call Centre at 416 928-0900 or toll free in Canada at 1 800 387-5526 for information on this service.

Questions? If you have any questions about your examinations or the registration process, contact the College.

Page last reviewed July 07, 2021