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  1. Introduction

    Welcome to the College of Nurses of Ontario’s registration guide for nurses educated at an Ontario school of nursing.

  2. Getting Started

    Know which documents you will need to support your application when you begin.

  3. Practicing as an RN or RPN in Ontario

    Registering with CNO is a legal requirement for anyone who wishes to practice nursing in Ontario.

  4. Beginning the Application Process

    The application process for most Ontario nursing graduates begins when your nursing school informs the College that you are about to complete your program.

  5. Registration Requirements

    During the application process, the College assesses all applicants to determine whether they meet the following registration requirements.

  6. Examinations

    All applicants to CNO must successfully complete the registration examination that Council approved  for the category they are applying to.

  7. Initial Registration

    When you have successfully met all registration requirements, you can complete your registration online and pay the applicable fee.  

  8. Requesting Accommodation

    Everyone who writes an examination as part of their application to the College has the right to request accommodation.

  9. Collection of Personal Information

    Please review the Privacy Code on the CNO’s website to understand how your personal information will be used.




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Page last reviewed December 21, 2016