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To ensure fairness and equitable treatment of all applicants, every application is assessed individually.

As a result, the time required to complete the assessment process can vary from one applicant to the next.

Once the College has informed you that we have received your completed application, it is your responsibility to ensure the timely delivery of all documentation and information requested by the College.

Please note the College makes every effort to acknowledge all written correspondence from applicants within 10 business days. If the request is one that cannot be addressed within those 10 business days, then the College will acknowledge receipt of the request and provide information about next steps.

The Assessment/Registration Process

Applicant applies to the College and submits payment. If applicable, the College receives report from National Nursing Assessment Service. Then the College reviews and acknowledges receipt of application, and informs applicants of next steps.

Up to 10 business days

Applicant completes all outstanding registration requirements. Varies; depends on requirements, availability of information, timing of registration examination, etc.

College confirms applicant is eligible for registration

Varies (see factors that may delay below)
Applicant completes initial registration and pays fees online; candidate is registered to practise in Ontario Immediate

Factors that may delay an internationally educated applicant’s registration include:

  • graduation from a nursing or practical nursing program that doesn’t meet entry-to-practice competencies
  • lack of evidence the applicant has practised nursing or graduated from a nursing program within the past three years
  • lack of evidence the candidate demonstrates language proficiency in either English or French 
  • submission of official documents in languages other than English or French. For more information, see Translation of Documents
  • unsuccessful completion of the national registration exam
  • a statement on the Declaration of Registration Requirements that results in the candidate being referred to the Executive Director or Registration Committee for review
  • failure to produce other documents requested by the College in a timely manner.
Page last reviewed November 02, 2018