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Emergency Assignment Class: Information for employers

The Emergency Assignment Class (EAC) has been enacted for the purpose of allowing qualified individuals to provide nursing care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

All current EAC registration will be valid until August 17, 2021. CNO will automatically extend it for another 60 days if there continues to be a need for EAC nurses in Ontario. To help with your staff planning needs, we will notify employers and nurses 30 days before the final expiration of Emergency Assignment Class registrations.

If you know of any retired or Non-Practising Class nurses, or nurses who are currently registered in another Canadian jurisdiction who would like to support Ontario’s COVID-19 efforts, please ask them to visit our COVID-19: Emergency Assignment Class FAQs and complete and submit the Emergency Assignment Class Application form.

Care that EAC-registered nurses can provide: Nurses registered in this class are authorized to practice during the COVID-19 pandemic to the full scope of their category of registration (either as a Registered Practical Nurse or a Registered Nurse). EAC- nurses employed by you do not have to provide direct care to patients with COVID-19. They can work in other areas to support overall health system needs.

Supervision of nurses: Although nurses in the Emergency Assignment Class do not require supervision, to ensure patient safety you should provide any nurse with the support they need.

Note that nurses registered in the Temporary Class must be supervised as this is required by legislation.

Updating employment information: Please remind nurses you employ that they are required to update their employment information using Maintain Your Membership within 30 days of any change (for example, when they start a new job).

Page last reviewed May 28, 2021