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Practice Support FAQs

In December 2016, we launched a pilot project that changed the way we receive and respond to practice inquiries. We asked for your feedback on the new approach. Here are the most common questions we received about submitting your practice inquiry to the College.

Will there still be a phone line to call about practice issues?

No. We will receive your practice questions through the online submission form and by email; we also respond to inquiries by email. If additional support is required or there is lack of clarity on a practice issue, Practice Consultants may follow up with a phone call and an email summarizing the discussion. The email is kept as a record of the communication for accurate documentation and transparency of the exchange. 

Why does the College not interpret practice standards on behalf of nurses?

Interpreting a practice standard as it applies to a specific practice question involves considering a number of variables that can influence client outcomes. The Practice Support team may not be aware of all these variables related to your specific scenario, since the only information we have about your question is what you share with us. Therefore, we could provide you with an incorrect interpretation that could place your client at risk.

Will the information I send to the practice consultant be shared with anyone else at the College?

To meet our mandate of regulating nursing in the interest of protecting the public, if a risk to the public is identified, we may have to share information from a practice inquiry. For example, a question related to the physical or sexual abuse of a client requires referring the inquiry to our Professional Conduct team for further review.

If your question is best answered by another area of the College, we forward your inquiry to the relevant team for response.

Why does the College ask for my name when I submit a practice question?

Receiving your name allows us to save the shared information in your College member record. This ensures there is accurate documentation of the information shared between you and the practice consultant.

Page last reviewed May 16, 2017