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If you have questions about your nursing accountabilities or need further assistance in understanding or applying CNO standards and guidelines in your practice, consider reviewing the Ask Practice section of our website.

It features answers to frequently asked practice-related issues nurses may encounter.

If you can't find the answers you're looking for, complete and submit the form below. We will respond within three business days.

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Patient safety first

CNO is committed to protecting your privacy and confidentiality. Our privacy policy applies to our Practice Support activities. We document all Practice Support inquiries and consultations and store them securely. Records of Practice Support consultations are not available to other departments at CNO. But if your questions involve patient safety or risk of harm, for example from the incompetence or incapacity of a CNO member, CNO might have to investigate. In this situation, we will refer you to our Professional Conduct team, or alert them to the concern, and an investigator might contact you to continue the discussion. Practice Support can still provide you with guidance and resources in response to your questions about nursing practice. In certain limited circumstances (for example, incidents that might involve child abuse or neglect), the law may require CNO to report information to other agencies.

Please review the Privacy Policy at www.cno.org/privacy to understand how your personal information will be used.





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