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NP Students and MAID Assessments

I am a registered nurse studying to become a Nurse Practitioner (NP). During my clinical placement, a physician mentor asked me to assess a patient’s eligibility for medical assistance in dying so I can learn. As an NP student, can I perform eligibility assessments for medical assistance in dying?

No, as an NP student, you cannot perform eligibility assessments for medical assistance in dying. Only physicians and NPs have this authority. Since you are not yet registered as an NP, you must only support the process in your role as a Registered Nurse (RN). These activities may include educating patients, providing support to patients and their family, or inserting an intravenous line (with an order) that will be used to administer medications that will cause the death of a patient.

You can, however, learn about the eligibility assessment process through observation and discussion with your mentors.

For more information on your accountabilities,  please see Guidance on Nurses’ Roles in Medical Assistance in Dying.

Page last reviewed June 07, 2022