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Title use when working in different roles

I am an RN working in an RPN role. Should I use the title “RPN” while in this role?

No. You can only use the title that represents your status with CNO. If you are registered as an RN, then you must continue to identify yourself as an “RN” regardless of the role you are taking on in a practice setting. Only nurses who hold registration as an RPN can use the “RPN” title.

You must use the professional designation that reflects your registration status with CNO in your documentation, and when you identify yourself to clients. All nurses are expected to provide their signature or initials and professional designation when documenting. Nurses must also introduce themselves to clients using their name and professional designation.

For more information on accountabilities, read the Working in Different Roles practice guideline, and the Documentation and Therapeutic Nurse Client Relationship practice standard.

Page last reviewed June 07, 2022