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Monkeypox virus reporting

If you are a nurse and you encounter a patient with signs or symptoms consistent to the monkeypox virus you must report it to your local Medical Officer of Health

Effective June 16, 2022, the monkeypox virus is designated a Disease of Public Health Significance under the Health Protection and Promotion Act (HPPA). This means that regulated health professionals are required to report suspected cases of the monkeypox virus directly to the local Medical Officer of Health in accordance with the reporting requirements in the HPPA.

Nurses must make themselves aware of practice setting legislation (e.g. Public Hospitals Act) and employer policies related to infection, prevention and control that may impact how this information is reported. 

Now that monkeypox is a Disease of Public Health Significance, the monkeypox Order issued by the Chief Medical Officer of Health on May 20, 2022, is no longer in effect.  This means that you no longer need to report suspected cases to Public Health Ontario.

Please review the links below for details of this Order and how to report.

Page last reviewed June 21, 2022