October 2020

Did you hear? We’ve simplified our Quality Assurance program this year

In response to the challenging circumstances nurses have faced because of the COVID-19 pandemic, CNO has streamlined the Quality Assurance (QA) program for 2020.

This year, the focus of QA is on practice reflection. To help you to reflect on your experiences, we have introduced new questions for this unprecedented year. You can use our new questions to help you to think about how you can continue to improve the quality of your nursing practice in 2021.

As every year, you must also complete your annual learning plan. However, this year we will not be selecting nurses for Practice Assessment.

Read more about why we made these changes, and why reflecting on your practice is fundamental to safe, quality nursing care, in the September issue of The Standard.

For more details about this year’s program visit, www.cno.org/qa.

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