September 2020

2020 Quality Assurance program simplified due to COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly impacted the nursing profession in many ways. We recognize the demands many of you have and continue to experience. In response to the challenging circumstances nurses have faced because of the COVID-19 pandemic, CNO has streamlined the Quality Assurance (QA) program for 2020.

This year, QA will focus on supporting nurses in completing the practice reflection component of your self assessment. 

“It has been a time of significant change and learning, which provides an opportunity for nurses to reflect and examine their practice,” says Carol Timmings, CNO’s Chief Quality Officer. “Our goal is to support you in being reflective practitioners.”

Along with your practice reflection, you are still required by legislation to complete your annual learning plan. We will not be selecting nurses for Practice Assessment this year. This modified approach makes sure that you can meet your QA obligations while recognizing the unique situation the pandemic has caused for many nurses.

Reflecting on your practice is fundamental to safe, quality nursing care. It helps you determine your areas of strengths and where you need to improve. To help you reflect on your unique experiences, we have developed new reflective questions. These questions can be used to reflect on your practice day-to-day or to help develop or update your annual Learning Plan, which remains a legislated requirement for all nurses.

Visit our website for more information about QA 2020 and to use the new reflective questions, as well as other QA resources. For specific questions about the program, contact


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