April 2021

CNO measures up: New reporting tool

How well are Ontario’s regulatory health colleges protecting the public? This is the question the Ministry of Health asked CNO and the rest of the province’s health professional regulators to answer by using a new tool it developed.

Called the College Performance Measurement Framework (CPMF), the tool measures the outcomes that a college is expected to achieve as an excellent regulator in seven categories: governance; resources; system partner; information management; regulatory policies; suitability to practice; and measurement, reporting and improvement.

Within the categories, CNO was required to report on 38 measures. Out of those, CNO met 31 measures, and partially met four more.

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The measures we did not meet, as well as three out of four measures we partially met, relate to the governance category. For example, we partially met the measure of having regular third-party assessments of Council effectiveness. Implementing our Governance Vision, aspects which require legislative changes by provincial government, will help CNO achieve the measures we did not meet or partially met.

The measure we partially met not in the governance category relates to updating our standards of practice and guidelines. Once CNO’s extensive practice standard modernization project is complete, we will meet this measure.

You can see highlights from CNO’s 2020 CPMF report here. It provides information about how CNO works with external partners such as other regulators, education programs and the broader health care system to improve public protection.

The CPMF reports are one way colleges demonstrate their commitment to the people of Ontario. Completing the CPMF is an opportunity for CNO to reflect on our achievements, better understand how we measure up to best practices in regulation and identify areas of improvement.

After reviewing the reports, the Ministry will provide CNO with performance feedback. All colleges will update their CPMF report annually, noting any progress on areas identified for improvement or adding new or updated information that the Ministry of Health requires.

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