January 2019

Making it easier for the public to make a complaint

CNO is enhancing our professional conduct procedures. We’ve heard the issues raised in the Long-Term Care Homes Public Inquiry and we are improving our processes to help protect the public.

An essential part of how we protect the public is making sure someone who has concerns about a nurse’s conduct can easily access and understand our complaints process. As part of this, we have updated our resources for making a complaint.

The updated Make a Complaint form has three new features that make it easier to complete.

First, the form can now be completed online. Previously, a user had to print a paper copy and fill it out by hand.

Second, we have added instructions to the form. This allows the user to understand the process without having to go back and forth between the form and the instructions on the web page.

Third, there are more sections to the form for members of the public to include details about the complaint. We want users to be aware there is no limit to the amount of information they can provide.

We’ve also updated the Make a Complaint web page, so it is easier to understand when and how to make a complaint. Read more about CNO’s complaints process online.

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