January 2019

Still haven’t renewed? Renew now to avoid suspension

If you haven’t yet renewed your membership with CNO for 2019, you must renew by Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019 or your membership will be suspended.

If your membership is suspended, you will not be able to practice nursing in Ontario until you renew and pay all outstanding fees. This includes a late renewal fee of $113 and an additional fee of $56.50 to lift the suspension.

If you need help renewing, call 1 866 573-5405 (in North America) or 416 849-6135 (outside North America), or email the College.

Your membership will expire if you don’t renew or resign it by Thursday, March 21, 2019.

Once you have renewed, you can log in to Maintain Your Membership, click on Annual Membership Renewal and check your current status. As well, organizations that employ a large number of nurses can use our Nurse Renewal Check service to confirm the membership status of the nurses they employ.

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