May 2022

SPEP expands to increase nursing resources

CNO is expanding its Supervised Practice Experience Partnership (SPEP) program to include nurses returning to practice. Initially offered to new applicants in January, SPEP now includes nurses returning to practice, to help increase nursing resources across the province.

In partnership with Ontario Health, SPEP offers eligible nurse applicants who want to enter practice the opportunity to participate in a supervised practice experience. This can help nursing applicants meet the evidence-of-practice requirements for registration.

“Public safety is our first priority when assessing applicants wanting to enter the profession,” says Anne Marie Shin, Director of Professional Practice. “This includes ensuring nurses returning to practice have the knowledge, skill and judgment to meet CNO’s standards of practice in health care settings.”

Initially offered to new applicants in January, expanding SPEP to include nurses returning to practice helps increase nursing resources across the province.

“In continuing our work to modernize applicant assessments, we are finding areas where we can proactively help nurses meet their requirements to requalify and enter practice safely,” adds Shin. “Creating efficiencies to reinstate nurses not only provides flexibility for them to meet their requirements and enter practice, but also responds to current system needs and increases access to safe patient care.”

CNO will contact by email all eligible nurses who have an open reinstatement application, giving them details on how to take part in a practice experience through this partnership.

Visit CNO’s trending topic on Modernizing Applicant Assessments for ongoing information on our efforts.

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