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Robert Price, AF175906

The Member was alleged to have engaged in professional misconduct by misappropriating controlled substances for his own use, and as a result, also inappropriately accessing the personal health records for approximately 75 clients on or about 182 occasions and falsifying those electronic records.  In addition, the Member failed to notify CNO when charged with related offences under the Criminal Code of Canada.

The Member did not attend the hearing, nor was he represented by legal counsel. The hearing proceeded in his absence.

The Panel found the Member guilty of the alleged misconduct, and in particular, the following:

  • contravening a standard of practice of the profession or failing to meet the standards of practice of the profession;
  • misappropriating controlled substances, including narcotics;
  • falsifying records related to his practice;
  • contravening a term, condition or limitation on his certificate of registration when he failed to report to CNO within 30 days that he had been criminally charged; and
  • engaging in conduct relevant to the practice of nursing, that, having regard to all the circumstances would reasonably be regarded by members as disgraceful, dishonourable and unprofessional.

The Panel made an Order that included the following:

  • an oral reprimand; and
  • revocation of the Member’s certificate of registration.

Aggravating factors considered by the Panel included:


  • the seriousness of the misconduct over an extended period of time; and
  • the worrisome pattern of conduct.
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