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QA Resources

Practice reflection resources

CNO’s 2020 QA program focuses on encouraging nurses to think about their experience this past year. The following resources have been developed to support you in reflecting on your practice.

New resources will be available in 2021. We will notify you when they’re released in The Standard, and on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages.

SMART Learning Goals

Watch this video and use the guide to help you write Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-limited (SMART) learning goals for your Action Plan.

Standards and Guidelines

CNO creates practice standards and guidelines to support nurses in providing safe, quality care to the public. These documents outline the expectations and accountabilities for nurses. They apply to all nurses, regardless of their role, job description or area of practice. Use these documents to enhance your knowledge of your learning goals.

Standards and Guidelines

Entry-to-Practice Competencies

Developed in conjunction with nursing regulators across the country, these documents describe what is expected of entry‐level registered nurses and registered practical nurses in order to provide safe, quality nursing care in a variety of practice settings.

Resources for Nurse Practitioners

In addition to the two selected practice documents, Nurse Practitioners must review the Nurse Practitioner practice standard, the Entry-to-Practice Competencies for Nurse Practitioners and the information in the NP Practice Resources section of this website.


Page last reviewed September 08, 2020