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Regulator responds to former Ontario nurse facing serious criminal charges

Former Ontario nurse Elizabeth Tracy Mae Wettlaufer was charged with eight counts of first-degree murder on October 25, 2016. The College of Nurses of Ontario extends our profound sympathies to the families affected by this case.

As the regulator of nursing in the province, our primary duty is to protect the public. We have a responsibility to ensure that all current and former nurses are held accountable for their conduct while in practice.

Ms Wettlaufer resigned her membership with the College on Sept 30, 2016, which means she is no longer entitled to practise nursing in Ontario. All publicly available information on Ms Wettlaufer, including the criminal charges against her and information about her ability to practise in Ontario, is posted on the public register Find a Nurse available on www.cno.org.

We understand and appreciate the public’s desire for more information about this case. While we believe strongly in public disclosure and transparency, what we can disclose publicly is limited due to the current criminal proceedings, our own role as an investigator and confidentiality requirements under various laws. Maintaining the integrity of the investigative and hearing processes is necessary in order to ensure a fair outcome in the public interest. The College is exercising its legal authority to undertake an investigation into Ms Wettlaufer’s professional conduct.

Page last reviewed December 01, 2016