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A message to Ontario's nurses

I am writing this message as nurses are again at the forefront of responding to a crisis in our health care system. I know that for many of you, these challenges bring a high degree of uncertainty and stress as you experience change in ways you may never have experienced before.
You may be concerned about maintaining standards of practice under the current and evolving conditions, particularly if you are being asked to assist in areas where you do not normally work. Our statement on the standard of care has been updated and I remind you that CNO always considers the context in which you must provide care when we are assessing concerns that we may receive.
During these challenging times, we are working hard to get you the support you need. Registration of nurses is our top priority as we work to register as many nurses as possible to support patient care needs during this pandemic. Our website has the latest information on registration and how to contact our Practice Quality team for consultation and additional resources to support your safe practice.
I extend my heartfelt appreciation for the commitment and dedication of Ontario’s nurses who continue to work tirelessly to keep patients safe.
Thank you for your skill, compassion and caring.
Stay safe and stay well. 

Anne Coghlan, RN, MScN
Executive Director and CEO

Page last reviewed April 21, 2021