CNO submits College Performance Measurement Framework report

How well are Ontario’s regulatory health colleges protecting the public interest? 

This is the question the Ontario Ministry of Health asked health profession regulators to answer when it developed the College Performance Measurement Framework (CPMF).

Health regulatory colleges exist to protect the public interest. To help the public understand how well colleges are doing their job and to help continually improve accountability, transparency and oversight, all colleges are now required to report on their work in the annual CPMF Reporting Tool. The new tool was developed by the Ministry, together with Ontario’s health regulatory colleges, subject matter experts and the public.

The CPMF provides information on how colleges work with external partners, such as other regulatory colleges, educational programs and the broader healthcare system to improve public protection.

The CPMF also shares raw data about Ontario’s regulated health professionals and their participation in practice improvement. There is data about the number of complaints and the type of those complaints, and how many health professionals participated in practice improvement activities. Finally, the CPMF details each college’s commitment to making improvements over the next year. 

Colleges will update this report annually, noting any progress on areas identified for improvement or adding new or updated information required by the Ministry of Health. These reports are one of the ways colleges demonstrate their commitment to the public interest for the people of Ontario.

The CPMF has seven measurement domains or categories that were identified as the most critical attributes that contribute to a College effectively serving and protecting the public interest.

How well did CNO do?

 CPMF Graph

Read more: CPMF report 

In addition, CNO was asked to report on 38 measures within these domains to determine if we met/partially met/not met the outcomes that a College is expected to achieve as an excellent regulator.

In the CPMF report CNO scored as follows:

Total number of measures: 38

  • We met 31/38
  • We partially met 4/38
  • We did not meet 3/38

Highlights from CNO’s 2020 CPMF report include:

  1. Governance: CNO’s Governance Vision is featured as evidence for this domain, including some of the recent changes Council has approved to support having the competencies that are needed on the Board and on committees. Orientation for Council and committees is also described.
  2. Resources: For this domain, CNO describes how the strategic plan informs the annual budget, which is proposed to Council for approval. CNO also described how it assesses operational requirements to meet human resource needs.
  3. System Partner: Stakeholder engagement is featured in this domain related to projects in 2020, such as CNO’s new Strategic Plan 2021-2024. As another example, CNO describes work it continues to lead related to harm prevention. Ongoing stakeholder engagement is also described. For example, how CNO learns from its academic and employer reference groups.
  4. Information Management: CNO references its public Privacy Policy that describes the full lifecycle management of personal information (collection to disposition), which complies with legislative requirements.
  5. Regulatory Policies: This domain identifies an area of improvement for CNO related to ensuring CNO has processes in place for evaluating and updating practice standards and guidelines, to ensure they are evidence-informed, meet the needs of the settings in which nurses practice, and reflect changing public expectations and societal values. CNO is embarking on a project to modernize CNO’s standards and guidelines.
  6. Suitability to Practice: CNO describes how it meets best practices related to registering applicants, communicating changes to practice standards and guidelines, promoting its Quality Assurance Program (QAP) and dealing with complaints. In this domain, CNO identifies a couple of areas for improvement where work has already started: identifying how the application journey can be improved and launching a new QAP informed by evidence.
  7. Measurement, reporting and improvement: CNO describes key performance indicators from the previous strategic plan (as per the 2020 calendar year reporting cycle). Also, CNO’s response highlights how the strategic plan and risk assessments inform CNO’s work. Highlighted in this domain is planned work related to developing a risk register.

Page last reviewed March 29, 2021