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New members of Council elected

The results of our recent Council election are in. We welcome the following new and returning members of Council:

Patricia Sullivan, RN, Eastern district 
Grace Oltmann, RN, Eastern district 
Helen Anyia, RPN, Eastern district 
Sylvain Leduc, NP, Northeastern district 
Kimberly Wagg, RPN, Northeastern district 
Grace Fox, NP, Northwestern district 
Michael Hogard, RPN, Northwestern district

CNO also welcomes new public member Joe Farag to Council, who began his term in December 2022. Public members of Council are appointed by government. 

Council is CNO’s board of directors, and it’s comprised of nurses and members of the public. Council makes important decisions that shape the regulation of nursing and promote public safety. Together, Council and CNO have one purpose: to protect the public by promoting safe nursing practice.

The new Council members will begin their terms in June. For more information, visit our Council Elections page.  




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Page last reviewed February 23, 2023