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Charged with an offence

An offence is a breach of law that is prosecuted in a court. This includes any offence in any jurisdiction.

Facility operator

A facility operator is the individual who operates a facility where one or more nurses practice. Since most organizations employ nurses directly, a facility operator and nurse employer are typically the same person.

Finding in any jurisdiction

This term refers to circumstances in which a nurse is also a member of another profession in Ontario or any other jurisdiction, and a disciplinary, incapacity or similar proceeding determines they committed professional misconduct, are incompetent or incapacitated, or makes any similar finding.

When you self-report a finding from another profession or jurisdiction, the report must contain:

  • your name
  • the nature and a description of the offence or finding
    • the date the proceeding began and the finding was made
    • the name and location of the court or regulatory body that is holding the proceeding or made the finding
    • the status of any appeal initiated about the finding made against you

Nurses are required to file an additional report to CNO if an appeal changes the status of a finding. This report must not contain information that violates any publication ban that a court imposes during the proceedings.

Finding of professional negligence or malpractice

Professional negligence or malpractice findings arise from circumstances in which patients sue health care professionals to receive compensation for substandard care. A nurse is required to self-report if a civil court has made a finding that the nursing care they provided was professionally negligent.

Guilty of an offence

The requirement to self-report includes all findings of guilt for any offence, including but not limited to offences under the Criminal Code, the Food and Drugs Act, and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, and offences under provincial laws.

If a nurse receives an absolute or conditional discharge instead of a conviction, the nurse must still self-report to the College. A nurse must self-report even if the nurse has been pardoned.

Proceeding in any jurisdiction

This term refers to circumstances in which a nurse is also a member of any other profession (such as a midwife or lawyer) in Ontario or any other jurisdiction, and is involved in a current investigation, inquiry or proceeding for professional misconduct, incapacity or any similar investigation or proceeding, and that matter is not yet decided.

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Page last reviewed December 18, 2019