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What Does CNO Do When We Receive a Report?

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We conduct a preliminary investigation on every report we receive. During this investigation, we typically interview at least one individual at the facility named in the report. We also analyze the level of risk a nurse’s practice poses to the public based on the information provided. Once the preliminary investigation is completed, the investigator prepares a report for CNO’s Executive Director.

CNO’s Executive Director reviews the report along with any information about the nurse that we may have received previously (for example, from an earlier employer’s report or a previous patient complaint). The Executive Director assesses the level of risk created by the nurse’s practice, and determines an appropriate regulatory response. There are a number of options available, including remedial options, a full investigation or a hearing before CNO’s Discipline Committee. Most cases can be appropriately dealt with without a hearing.

The timeline of the process varies based on a number of factors. The most important factor is the investigator’s assessment of the level of risk a nurse poses to patients.

Legislation requires the reporting process to be confidential. You can find any information about a nurse’s practice that the legislation permits us to share on our public register, Find a Nurse.

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Page last reviewed December 18, 2019