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Preventing Harm

We know most nurses provide quality care and contribute to patient safety. However, we also know that a small number of nurses intentionally harm their patients. This can have lasting effects on a patient’s health.

Being aware of this possibility may lead to early detection and prevention. Evidence shows knowledge is key to preventing this harm.

CNO provides tools and resources to help prevent harm against patients. To learn more, select an item from the list you see here.

  • Intentional Harm

    The Rare but Real: Intentional harm to patients videos were developed to raise awareness about the possibility of nurses intentionally harming patients.

  • Sexual Abuse of Patients

    Sexual relations between a nurse and patient are always unethical and abusive, and are considered a serious breach of trust. The law recognizes the significant harm that results from the sexual abuse of a patient by a health care professional.

  • Sexual Abuse Prevention

    Patient sexual abuse by a nurse causes significant harm. The abuse can have lasting effects on a patient’s health and well-being. It can also seriously effect a patient’s caregiver, family and community.

  • One Is One Too Many

    Details about One Is One Too Many, the College’s abuse prevention program.




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