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Funding for therapy

Financial assistance eligibility for patients who have been sexually abused by a nurse

A patient can apply for funding from CNO to help pay for therapy immediately after CNO has been made aware of a complaint or report of sexual abuse.

The funding is paid directly to the therapist and is meant specifically for treatment required as a result of the sexual abuse.

How long does a patient have to apply for funding?

According to the law, the funding is available for a five-year period that starts on the date the person first received therapy related to the sexual abuse (therapy can take place at any time after the abuse occurred) for which the person is requesting funding.

To receive the full benefit of the funding, applicants should submit their applications as early as possible.

Who can be the therapist?

There are only two restrictions about who can be a patient’s therapist:

  • they must not be a member of the patient’s family
  • they must not have been found to have committed professional misconduct of a sexual nature or be found to be civilly or criminally liable for a similar act.

How much funding can a patient who has been sexually abused by a nurse receive from CNO?

The government has set out a formula for calculating the amount of funding a patient who has been sexually abused by a nurse is eligible to receive for therapy.

Once a patient’s eligibility is determined and the application is processed, CNO will notify the applicant of the amount of funding they will receive.

How can someone apply for funding?

If you want to make an application for therapy funding, you can send a message directly to us at investigations-intake@cnomail.org or PublicComplaints@cnomail.org

Page last reviewed May 28, 2019