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The Future Quality Assurance Program

Here’s what we’re doing with our Quality Assurance Program to support nurses with their continued learning.

CNO maintains a Quality Assurance Program (QA) to meet its mandate of protecting the public by making sure nurses are taking responsibility for practicing nursing safely throughout their careers. All 26 regulated health professions in Ontario are legislated to establish and maintain such a program.

So, what exactly is CNO's QA Program? Quality Assurance is our commitment to public safety.  It’s a mandatory program where all nurses are accountable for actively updating their knowledge and skills to strengthen and enhance the quality of their practice.  You can learn more on our QA Program page.

The future Quality Assurance (Future QA) model supports nurses accountabilities of their continued competence and ongoing professional development.

In the new model, all nurses will complete an Action Plan when renewing their annual membership. Nurses selected for Practice Assessment will have to complete a self-assessment, submit their Action Plan to CNO and obtain feedback from peers in the form of a multisource feedback process.

In 2019, we will be engaging with nurses to understand their current experience with QA and evaluating the usability and effectiveness of the new self-assessment tools. We will also start designing a new online tool for nurses to access QA information and complete their QA requirements. As well, we will begin developing the components of the multisource feedback tool.

Step One - Self Assessment

Future QA project development timelines

New QA Program timeline


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In 2016, CNO’s Council explored the purpose of QA and future trends. It was decided that Council would lead the development of a new QA model for CNO.


At each of the four Council meetings in 2017, Council members reviewed different reports and evidence, listened to experts in QA and continuous learning and provided their feedback. The objective was for Council to choose a new model for the QA Program by the end of the year. 

In December 2017, Council approved a conceptual QA model


In 2018, CNO started the development of the new QA model. The work included the design of two new self-assessment tools; a Practice Reflection worksheet and an Action Plan (formerly known as the Learning Plan). Evidence research and a literature review informed the design of the self-assessment tools.

CNO also consulted with other key stakeholders to assess and obtain feedback on important elements of the Future QA model, including the online and multisource feedback components.

These are the resources that have been presented to Council to help generate discussion and develop a future model for the QA Program.

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