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Guidelines for Observers at Council Meetings

Before the meeting 

Anyone can come and observe a Council meeting. If you wish to attend, complete an observer registration form. Submit the form at least one week before the meeting. 

If part of the meeting is a closed session, we will note it at www.cno.org/agendas

The meeting agenda and materials will be online at www.cno.org/agendas one week before the meeting. 

CNO is a scent-free environment. Avoid wearing scented lotions, aftershaves or perfume. 

Getting here 

Council meetings take place at CNO’s offices at 101 Davenport Rd., Toronto. 

There is no parking on site. See a map to off-site parking here. 

During the meeting 

Quiet, please
Observers should remain quiet. Do not speak with, or attempt to pass notes or information to Council members. Respect the Council and do not distract others by making comments. 

Turn off or silence cell phones while in Council Chambers. Recording or taking photos is not permitted. 

Coming and going
Please try to remain seated during the meeting. There are 15-minute breaks in the morning and afternoon and a one-hour break for lunch. 


For more information about Council or its meetings, see www.cno.org/council or contact cnocouncil@cnomail.org.

Page last reviewed March 01, 2019