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Learn about CNO’s Council

Are you thinking of serving on Council?

Serving on CNO’s Council (our board of directors) is an awesome responsibility, a great experience and a significant commitment.

To determine if serving on Council is right for you, first watch this playlist of six videos. They include reflections based on four common scenarios that a Council member may encounter.

If you are thinking about serving on CNO’s Council, you should reflect on the board’s profile, the Council code of conduct and the information below to help you decide if serving on CNO’s board is right for you.

Consider the time commitment

Currently, Council meets quarterly and Council members also serve on one or more statutory committees. However, this could potentially change as we have proposed a major transformation to CNO’s governance model.

In the meantime, you should plan to meet the current total time commitment of 1 to 3 days per month to prepare for and attend committee meetings, plus the time needed to meet with Council four times a year. Your total time commitment will depend on the committee on which you serve. It is prudent to confirm your employer’s support of your participation.

You will receive a stipend for your time; this is strictly a compensation for time spent on board-related work, not a salary replacement.

Here are other questions you should reflect on before you decide whether participation on CNO’s Council is right for you:

  1. Why do you want to join CNO’s Council?
  2. CNO’s mandate is to protect the public. Can you consistently put the public’s interest ahead of all other considerations?
  3. How would you rate yourself on demonstrating the competencies and attributes listed on the Board Profile page? How would your colleagues rate you?
  4. Did any of the video scenarios make you uncomfortable? Why?
  5. Are you able to abide by the code of conduct for Council members?
  6. Are you committed to attending meetings, being prepared, being present and contributing?
  7. Can you meet the time commitment?

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Page last reviewed October 07, 2022