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Transparency: Building an open and accessible College

As part of our public protection mandate, CNO is committed to enhancing transparency. What is meant by this?

CNO’s role is to support the delivery of safe and ethical nursing care to the people of Ontario. Being transparent – or clear, open and forthright – about our processes and decision-making is one way we do this. Transparency also means that our processes and information related to the nursing profession in Ontario can be easily accessed by applicants, the public and nurses.

Find a Nurse is CNO’s register of all nurses in Ontario. Members of the public can access information about nurses, such as a nurse’s category (RN, RPN, NP), employment information and any conduct and practice issues. CNO has authority to post this information through the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991, the regulations under that Act and CNO by-laws.

Together with regulatory colleagues on the Advisory Group for Regulatory Excellence (AGRE), CNO developed transparency principles as a framework for future decisions related to making more information publically available.




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Page last reviewed November 18, 2019