College Documents

The following is a list of practice standards, practice guidelines, forms and other publications available from the College of Nurses of Ontario.

All documents listed below are available free of charge. An updated version of Adobe Reader may be required to view some documents.

Document Title


Rev. Date

About the College of Nurses 45002 12/2016
Annual Report     07/2017
By-Laws 46005 12/2015
Strategic Plan 2011-2020   06/2011
An Introduction to the Nursing Act, 1991 41064 06/2014
RHPA: Scope of Practice and Controlled Acts Model 41052 02/2017
Fact Sheets
Am I Practising Nursing? 44007   10/2016
NCLEX: One step in ensuring safe care     09/2015
Quality Assurance
Developing SMART Learning Goals 44047   01/2017
Practice Reflection Worksheet     01/2014
Learning Plan Form     01/2018
Learning Plan Form (Sample)     01/2018
Fact Sheets      
The Health Inquiry and Fitness to Practise processes  42008   08/2016
The Standard     12x/year
Here for You     1x/year
Quality Practice     4x/year
Abuse Prevention
Preventing Client Abuse 47008   06/2009
One is One Too Many Facilitator's Guide   47002   05/2006
One is One Too Many Nurses' Workbook  47001   05/2006
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