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CNO releases Temporary Class and Reinstatement Evaluation Report

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The College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) has released its one-year Temporary Class and Reinstatement evaluation report, providing valuable insights into the impact of these regulatory changes. This comprehensive report, available to the public, sheds light on the outcomes of CNO’s efforts to expand eligibility for applicants in the Temporary Class and facilitate the reinstatement of former registrants.

In October 2022, CNO introduced regulatory changes with the goal of bolstering health human resources in the Ontario health care system. The focus remained on evidence-informed decision-making in the public interest.  The report, covering the period from Nov. 1, 2022 – Nov. 1, 2023, offers a detailed analysis of the changes’ effects on health human resources, applicants and registrants, as well as employers.

Key findings include a 47% increase in eligible applicants for the Temporary Class, amounting to 8,048 individuals eligible. There was a 31% uptick in Temporary Class registrations relative to the previous year (a total of 2,353) and an increase in reinstatements, 13%, year-over-year.  A closer examination of the factors influencing these trends is included in the report.

The changes to the Temporary Class and Reinstatement are part of a broader CNO initiative to modernize its applicant processes to create efficiencies in registration, especially for internationally educated applicants.

For a deeper understanding of the report’s findings, the public is encouraged to access the full document on CNO.org. As the authoritative sources for nursing statistics, CNO remains committed to transparency and providing accurate information to the public.

Visit Registrant Statistics for more information about nurses currently registered with CNO. 

Page last reviewed April 26, 2024