Protect the Public

Patient safety is a collective responsibility. As the nursing regulator in Ontario, we share responsibility for keeping patients safe, and we need your help to do so.

If you have a serious concern about a nurse’s practice, we need to hear about it. When we are informed, we can take the steps necessary to protect patients’ safety.

There are two ways a concern can be shared with CNO:

  1. As a “complaint”…
    Patients and their family members can make a complaint
  2. …or as a “report.”
    Employers or those who work with nurses can file a report

In this section:

  • Make a Complaint

    Information for members of the public who wish to register a concern about a nurse's conduct.

  • File a Report

    How employers, facility operators and health professionals can report nurses for misconduct, incompetence, incapacity or sexual abuse.

  • Confirm a Nurse’s Status

    Resources to help determine whether an individual is registered with the College to practise nursing in Ontario, and whether a nurse is entitled to practise with no restrictions.

  • Discipline Decisions

    Results of past public discipline hearings held by the College's Discipline Committee.

  • Discipline Hearings

    Schedule of upcoming discipline hearings and information on how to attending a hearing.

  • Unregistered Practitioners

    A list of individuals known to the College who have illegally sought employment as a nurse, or illegally held themselves out as a nurse, in Ontario.

  • Health Professional Corporation

    If you are a self-employed nurse in independent practice, you have options for incorporating your own business. These include incorporating with the Ontario or federal government. As a nurse, you also have the option of setting up a Health Professional Corporation with CNO. Regardless of which...

  • Preventing Harm

    We know most nurses provide quality care and contribute to patient safety. However, we also know that a small number of nurses intentionally harm their patients. This can have lasting effects on a patient’s health. Being aware of this possibility may lead to early detection and prevention. Evidence...

  • Employer Resources

    Employers of nurses play an important role in working with the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) to serve and protect the public’s right to safe and ethical nursing care. This section provides supporting information and resources for employers about CNO’s investigation, prosecutions and...

  • Code of Conduct for Nurses

    The College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) has revised the Code of Conduct (Code) for the nursing profession. The Code informs nurses of the standard of practice they are professionally accountable to. It also explains the professional behaviour and ethical conduct people can...




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