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Make a Complaint

The following information is intended for members of the public who wish to make a complaint about a nurse’s conduct. If you are an employer, facility operator or health professional, please follow the instructions for filing a report

Before you make a formal complaint to the College about concerns with nursing care, you may wish to discuss your concerns directly with the nurse or the employer.

The College has prepared a guide, Addressing Complaints at the College of Nurses of Ontario, that contains important information about the complaints process. 

How to Proceed

If you wish to proceed with a complaint, you should send your detailed complaint in writing, or in an audio or video format, to:

Executive Director & CEO
c/o Professional Conduct Department
College of Nurses of Ontario
101 Davenport Road
Toronto, Ontario, M5R 3P1

In your complaint:

  • state that you are making a complaint about nursing care;
  • provide the name(s) of the nurse(s) involved (if known);
  • state your specific concern and provide:
    1. the date the incident occurred;
    2. the time the incident occurred;
    3. the exact location where the incident occurred (e.g., name of facility, nursing unit, room number);
    4. the client’s name;
    5. as many details as possible about the incident; and
    6. include your name, address, and telephone number so that an investigator can contact you.

The College will send written acknowledgment of receipt of your complaint. Please contact us if you have not received a response within three weeks.

Do not send personal information via email. For assistance or more information on the complaints process:

Page last reviewed October 09, 2018