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Evidence of Practice

You must demonstrate, no more than three years before the College issued your certificate of registration, that you have experience practising in the category you are applying to.

RN applicants  | RPN applicants | NP Applicants

“Evidence of practice” refers to any information that shows the College you have experience practising as a nurse within the past three years.

The evidence must be relevant to the category or class you’re applying to join. For example, an applicant applying to become a Registered Practical Nurse must provide evidence of practising as an RPN within three years of the College issuing a certificate of registration.

Many applicants to the College meet this requirement by completing a College-approved nursing program within the past three years.

Evidence of practice can also be demonstrated by:

  • practice experience as an RN, RPN or NP within the past three years (must be relevant to the category or class to which you are applying)


  • completing other nursing education within the past three years. This includes both theoretical- and clinical-based components relevant to the category to which you are applying. For example, completing a Post Basic Bachelor program in your country of origin, with a clinical component or Masters of Science or Ph.D. in nursing with a research component, may meet the requirement.

If you do not have evidence of practice within this timeframe, you still have options. You can:

  • return to, and practise, in a jurisdiction where you are registered


  • have an evaluation that the Registration Committee approves, and successfully complete any additional training, experience, examinations or assessments the committee identifies. The College will direct you to complete additional education based on how long it has been since you practised. 


Page last reviewed February 24, 2017