Requesting Accommodation

Everyone who writes an examination as part of their application to the College has the right to request accommodation.

 “Accommodation” can refer to any adjustment made to the testing conditions that helps an applicant overcome the impact of a physical or mental condition/disorder on their ability to write the exam. Examples of accommodation include:

  • additional time
  • a separate room
Qualifying for Accommodation

If you are considering making a request for accommodation, here are a few things you should know:

  • Your request for accommodation must be based on a professionally recognized diagnosis of a disability, impairment, condition or disorder (or any other ground listed in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms or the Ontario Human Rights Code).
  • The reason you’re asking for accommodation must be something that would have a clear impact on your ability to write the exam. In other words, you have to show how your condition/disability/disorder would interfere with your ability to write the exam, and how the form of accommodation that you are requesting would address that.
  • The reason you’re asking for accommodation must be current. For example, the College will not grant your request if you cite a childhood condition that you no longer suffer from.  
  • Your request for accommodation must ensure the integrity of the examination remains intact.  
Requesting Accommodation

In order for the College to have enough time to review your request for accommodation, you should submit it as early as possible, preferably at the same time you apply to write the exam for which you’re seeking accommodation.  (In the case of the NCLEX-RN registration examination, requests for accommodation and supporting documents should be submitted to the College before you contact Pearson VUE to book your writing time.)

To submit a request, send the following to the College:

There is no fee for making a request for exam accommodation. However, you may be responsible for costs associated with making your request (e.g., assessment fees charged by health professionals, or other costs involved in obtaining your supporting documentation).

Remember: any information you submit in support of your request for accommodation may also be used by the College to determine whether you suffer from any physical or mental condition or disorder that could affect your ability to practise nursing in a safe manner.

Page last reviewed July 21, 2021