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Develop questions for the REx-PN

National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) is seeking Ontario nurses who are familiar with entry-level RPN practice to help develops test items for the REx-PN exam. NCSBN develops the REx-PN, which measures the competencies entry-level RPNs need to perform safely and effectively. NCSBN’s REx-PN Item Development Program is a key component of creating and maintaining high-quality exam items. The Item Development Program depends on the participation of qualified nurse volunteers from Ontario and B.C., where the REx-PN is used for entry to practice.

By volunteering, you may be selected to participate as an item writer (RPN educator), an item reviewer (practicing nurse) or a French translator (French-speaking Ontario nurses).

Volunteers must not have participated in exam development or related activities (for example, as an invigilator, proctor or developing exam courses or guides) within the previous 24 months.

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Page last reviewed December 06, 2021