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Practice Support

Do you have questions about a practice situation or your scope of practice? 

Our Practice Consultants are available to help nurses access the tools they need to make the best decision about providing safe, competent, and ethical nursing care. It is not always possible for our Practice Consultants to provide a simple yes or no answer as nursing practice is complex and what a nurse has the authority to do can vary based on legislation and employer policies that apply to a specific practice setting. The nurse is expected to determine whether they have the knowledge, skill and judgment to proceed with any task or role.

CNO Practice Consultants will help you identify the appropriate resources to guide decision-making and help understand nursing accountabilities by:

  • Directing you to our resources, such as educational tools, FAQ’s, and guidance documents, on our webpage that apply to your question
  • Helping you to identify nursing accountabilities
  • Explaining how the Code of Conduct and Standards of Practice apply to your situation
  • Referring you to additional sources of information

CNO’s duty is to serve and protect the public interest through the regulation of our members. Practice Support is one way that CNO assists nurses, stakeholders, and members of the public.

How do I submit my practice-related question?

You can submit your question(s) using this form.

How will I receive a response?

You will receive a response by email. If you need additional support, or there is a lack of clarity on the issue, we may call you and follow-up with an email summarizing the discussion.

How long does it take to get a response?

We respond to the majority of questions within three business day. However, if the scope of your inquiry goes beyond Practice Support and we need to consult with other areas of the College, or externally, it could take longer to receive a response.

Who is practice support for? 

Anyone who has questions about nursing practice.

Practice Support Model

We have developed a model to explain the role of Practice Support in promoting safe nursing practice.


Practice Support FAQs Contact Form




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Page last reviewed August 28, 2023