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Ontario Nurses: We want to hear from you

Workforce Census closes on March 7

Earlier this month, CNO launched its first Workforce Census for Ontario nurses. We will use the information to understand nurses’ experience working in health care. The results from the census will inform our work, so we can address the systemic issues and challenges nurses currently experience.

At CNO, we know members of historically underrepresented groups may experience racism, discrimination or harassment in both their personal and professional lives.

As part of our work around promoting safe practice, we have heard from equity-deserving groups about the barriers and bias that nurses in Ontario experience. To do our work effectively, we know we need to know more to help us succeed with an evidence-based approach.

The Workforce Census will provide an important snapshot of the demographic composition of Ontario’s nurses. Results will give us a baseline for identifying gaps and measuring progress for advancing policies that are more equitable and inclusive.

You have until Thursday, March 7, 2024, to complete the census. It is confidential and voluntary; you will not be asked for your name or registration number, and your responses cannot be linked to you. We will conduct the census using the highest standards of confidentiality and privacy, every step of the way.

To create the census, we collaborated with valuable partners and developed the questions with community leaders as well as experts in diversity, equity and inclusion who specialize in collecting data in health systems. We would like to thank the Black Nurses Task Force, Canadian Black Nurses Alliance, Pan-Canadian Association of Nurses of African Descent (Ontario Black Nurses Network and Canadian Black Nurses Network) and the Indigenous Primary Health Care Council for their support.

This census will inform CNO’s diversity, equity and inclusion strategy. We will continue to share information about our work as it unfolds. 

CNO's workforce census video

Brent Knowles, Director, Analytics & Planning at CNO shares why it's important to hear from nurses about their experiences working in health care.


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