Information for Organizations

The following information is for organizations interested in participating in the Supervised Practice Experience Partnership.

Program Details

The Supervised Practice Experience Partnership (the program) is an option for eligible CNO applicants to meet the following requirements to qualify for registration to practice as a nurse in Ontario:

  • Evidence of Practice, or
  • Evidence of Practice and Language Proficiency

Organization Requirements

Approved organizations and practice experiences must be based in Ontario. Approved organizations in acute care, long-term care facilities, home health care and community care organizations will be matched with eligible applicants though Ontario Health. Ontario Health will not be matching eligible applicants with approved retirement homes. CNO approved retirement homes are responsible for matching themselves with eligible applicants.

As participating partners, organizations must agree to:

  • orient the applicant to the practice setting
  • provide a nurse preceptor to supervise and guide the applicant, and provide feedback and learning opportunities
  • offer a supervised practice experience for a minimum of 140 hours where applicants can apply nursing knowledge, skill and judgement and demonstrate an understanding their nursing accountabilities (CNO practice standards)
  • evaluate applicants using CNO approved tool  
  • confirm applicants have met program requirements at the end of their experience

Organization Responsibilities

Organizations must uphold the program requirements and expectations.

Organizations will:

  • confirm applicant eligibility to participate by verifying the applicant’s eligibility message from the applicant portal. 
  • assign an appropriate preceptor(s) and arrange for practice experience
  • orient the applicant on relevant policies, procedures, resource materials as well as the general practice environment
  • assess the applicant using CNO’s Assessment form. (See Supervised Practice Experience Partnership: Assessment Overview)
  • contact CNO regarding concerns or clarifications when needed
  • complete documentation according to the outcome of the program

The focus of this program is for applicants to gain nursing practice experience. Organization may choose to retain applicants as employees once they become registered with CNO.

Organizations have the right to end the program agreement at any time (e.g., because of lack of progress or for other reasons). In these situations, organizations are requested to please complete and submit the Supervised Practice Experience Partnership Completion Form indicating the reason for failure to complete.

Preceptor Responsibilities

The role of the nurse preceptor is pivotal to the program. The preceptor acts as a resource, role model, mentor/coach, and supervisor. Supervision may be direct or indirect based on the needs of the applicant. Indirect supervision means the preceptor is readily available for consultation but is not directly at the applicant’s side.

RPN applicants can be supervised by either a qualified RPN, RN or NP preceptor, whereas RN applicants can only be supervised by a qualified RN or NP supervisor.

Nurse preceptors must hold a current RPN, RN and/or NP Certificate of Registration in the General Class or Extended Class with CNO. Preceptors must also disclose to the organization any pre-existing relationship (e.g., family, social/personal, business) with the applicant that might interfere with their ability to objectively evaluate the applicant.

Submitting Documents

Upon completion of the program, the organization must complete and submit the Supervised Practice Experience Partnership Completion Form to CNO at

We have created an employer checklist to outline the organizations responsibilities.

Organizations and preceptors who have questions or need more information about the Supervised Practice Experience Partnership should contact CNO at

Express Your Interest And Become An Approved Partner

Organizations interested in participating in the program can complete and submit the Supervised Practice Experience Partnership form to CNO will review your information and contact you directly with next steps.

If you have questions about the program, please contact us at


CNO will notify Ontario Health of your approval. Ontario Health is accountable for matching eligible applicants with approved organizations.

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