Information for Applicants

The following information is for RN or RPN applicants interested in participating in the Supervised Practice Experience Partnership (the program).

Program Eligibility

Applicants are eligible if they have met all their registration requirements except for:

  • Evidence of Practice, or
  • Evidence of Practice and Language Proficiency.  

Evidence of practice must have expired no more than 5 years before applying to the program. Check the applicant portal to see what requirements you have outstanding to determine if you are eligible.

SPEP is available to RN or RPN applicants, including nurses returning to practice. CNO will notify eligible applicants through the portal. 

How do I start?

If you have received a confirmation email from CNO indicating your eligibility and are interested in completing the program with a hospital, long-term care facility, home health or community care organization,you can express your interest by completing the Supervised Practice Experience – Intake Form provided in the email.

Your eligibility must be confirmed by CNO before you can proceed. Once eligibility is confirmed and you have indicated your interest, Ontario Health will match you with an appropriate organization.

If you are interested in completing the program with a retirement home , you will need to contact the retirement home to express your interest and verify their eligibility to participate in the program. The retirement home must be approved by CNO prior to starting the supervised practice experience.

Applicants must share their confirmation of eligibility with the organization before starting the program.

If you believe you are eligible but have not received a message from CNO, please contact

Before applying to the program, you may wish to consider reflecting on your learning needs to determine if this program is the right option for you.

Program Expectations

For this program, applicants will be matched with CNO approved organizations. Applicants will:

  • go through an orientation process to become familiar with the organization, the practice setting and what to expect from the supervised practice experience.
  • assess their learning needs, identify learning goals and develop a learning plan for their supervised practice experience.
  • complete a minimum practice experience of 140 hours under the supervision of a qualified preceptor. Practice hours may be extended, depending on your individual learning needs.
  • gain relevant current nursing practice experience under the supervision of an NP, RN or RPN preceptor. RPNs applicants can be supervised by either a RPN, RN or NP preceptor, whereas RN applicants can only be supervised by either a RN or NP preceptor. 
  • complete an initial and final self-evaluation related to application of  CNO’s standards and guidelines.
  • receive feedback from preceptors and have opportunities for additional learning. Preceptors will complete evaluations using the same criteria as applicants.

Accountabilities While In The Program

Throughout your participation in the program, you must:

  • refrain from using the protected title, “RN” or “RPN”. These titles are restricted to CNO registered members.
  • clearly explain to others, including clients, the capacity in which you are practicing. For example, stating,

“I am a CNO applicant, applying to register as a XXXX. I’m completing a supervised practice experience as part of my requirements to enter the nursing profession under the supervision of a qualified supervisor.”  

  • only provide care you are competent to provide.
  • not supervise, monitor, or direct the performance of others, with no exceptions
  • not delegate a controlled act.

Program Completion

When you complete the program, your preceptor must complete and submit the Supervised Practice Experience Partnership Completion Form to CNO at

CNO will review the documents to ensure you have met the requirements to complete your registration in the General Class. Once approved, you will receive a notification through the applicant portal.

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