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Annual Membership Renewal

Every year, Ontario nurses must renew their membership with CNO to continue practicing as a nurse in Ontario.

This involves:

  • completing the Annual Membership Renewal (AMR) form, which includes questions about your employment status, areas of practice and education
  • paying an annual fee.

We are grateful for the important role you are playing during the COVID-19 pandemic. We know you are being asked to do more than ever before. You are the heart of our health care system, and you continue to demonstrate your dedication to your patients and their families every day.

When does AMR launch?

AMR launches in early November 2021.

What is the renewal deadline?

The deadline to renew and pay the fee is Friday, Dec. 31, 2021.

Why do I have to renew my membership every year?

An annual membership renewal ensures that everyone practicing as a nurse in Ontario is registered with CNO. It also ensures that nurses’ employment and education information is accurate on Find a Nurse. The information helps us protect the public by ensuring safe nursing practice.

What is the renewal FEE?

The 2022 renewal fee for members in the General and Extended classes is $270. (With HST, the total is $305.10.) The renewal fee for members in the Non-Practising class is $50. (With HST, the total is $56.50.)

How can I pay my fee?

You pay your fee online. We accept credit card, debit, INTERAC Online or a prepaid credit or debit card. You can’t pay by cheque or money order.

Is it safe to pay my fee online?

Yes, it is safe. We don’t process or store your financial information within our own systems. When you pay your membership fee, the transaction is securely handled by a third-party vendor. We do not have access to, retain or share your credit card or banking information or social insurance number.

What happens if i don’t pay the fee before the Dec. 31 deadline?

You will be charged a late fee of $100 ($113 with HST)

How does my renewal fee help keep patients safe?

Your renewal fee funds CNO and our regulatory processes. So, paying your fees to be registered with CNO not only renews your ability to practice nursing in Ontario, but it also makes you a contributor in nursing regulation and public protection. It allows nurses to collectively fulfill the profession’s regulatory mandate to protect the public and ensures the public continues to trust nurses.

And, as a member of CNO, you can actively participate in these regulatory processes. You can join CNO Council, committees and reference groups. Or provide feedback about changes to by-laws, regulations and standards of practices.

In addition to the many ways you as a nurse contribute directly to the health care of Ontarians, we are grateful for the way you provide the support needed to uphold the standards of the profession.

By working together, we protect the public.

Page last reviewed October 15, 2021