Emergency Class

The Emergency Class comes into effect when the province or CNO Council determines that it is in the public interest to register qualified nurses to address emergency circumstances.

The Emergency Class is authorized for the sole purpose of allowing nurses to assist during an emergency. Nurses can assist in responding in a variety of ways. For example, some nurses registered in the Emergency Class may cover positions vacated by nurses who are redeployed to deal with the emergency.

There is no fee to register in this class.

Registration Requirements

Emergency Class applicants do not have to meet all the registration requirements. However, they must show CNO that they have:

  • completed a nursing education program approved or recognized in any jurisdiction
  • practiced as an RN or RPN (as appropriate) within the three years before the day they are issued an Emergency Class certificate of registration
  • passed the nursing Jurisprudence Exam within five years before the day they are issued an Emergency Class certificate of registration
  • language proficiency in either English or French
  • Not failed the nursing registration examination two times
  • report any past offences or findings, and

declare any health or conduct issues that could affect your ability to practice

Terms, conditions and limitations 

Emergency Class registrants require supervision and must practice under specific terms, conditions and limitations. For detailed information, read the Terms, Conditions and Limitations for the Emergency Class

Transitioning to other classes of registration 

Registrants in the Emergency Class may be eligible to practice as a nurse in Ontario by registering in another practicing class, such as the General Class or Temporary Class.

In some instances, certain registration requirements met to enter the Emergency Class can be carried over to a new application.

Registrants can apply before their Emergency Class registration expires to minimize interruption in their registration.  Learn more about our Registration options.




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Page last reviewed August 31, 2023