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Governance Vision 2020

Leading in Regulatory Governance

At its December 2016 meeting, CNO’s Council approved a vision for governance for 2020. This vision will ensure the College’s board remains an effective leader in building the public’s trust that the board is focused on the public’s needs and interests.

The vision is for a small governing board made up of an equal number of public and nurse members – with all members having the needed governance competencies, appropriate conflict of interest provisions and ongoing education and evaluation. The board will be, and will be seen to be, a proud protector of the public.

This new vision is rooted in the evidence, best practice in regulatory governance in Canada and around the world, and input from the current Council.

You can read the task force’s full report of the recommendations behind this vision here:

Final Report: A vision for the future — Leading in Regulatory Governance Task Force

Next steps

This governance change will not happen immediately. Many of the changes will require legislative change.

At March & June 2017 meetings, Council will establish a working group of five Council members to work with Council to develop a plan for implementing the governance vision in 2020, including a plan for achieving the needed legislative change. The working group will work with Council to identify any changes that can take place before legislative change.

Sharing the work behind the vision

To support the ongoing dialogue about the future of regulatory governance in Ontario and beyond, the College is making available the governance principles, vision, task force reports and supporting documents used to develop this vision:

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