Discipline Committee

Discipline Committee hearings are held in cases where an RN, RPN or NP has been referred by the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee because of the serious nature of the alleged professional misconduct and/or incompetence.

A discipline hearing is a formal legal process. A panel of the committee listens to evidence about a nurse’s practice and/or conduct and makes a decision about whether to dismiss the allegations or find that the nurse has committed professional misconduct or is incompetent.

Witnesses may be called by CNO to testify at a hearing because they have information that CNO believes will assist the panel. Read the Information for Witnesses document for more on what to expect as a witness.

Decision outcomes from the Discipline Committee can include:

  • an oral reprimand
  • revocation or suspension of a nurse’s certificate of registration
  • restrictions or limitations on a nurse’s certificate of registration (costs, fines, meetings with regulatory expert, independent practice restriction, etc.)
  • education and remedial activities
  • the requirement to notify an employer about the committee’s decision
  • employer audits of the nurse’s practice (For example charting practices to ensure they are in line with the Documentation, Revised 2008 practice standard.) 

In most cases, the Discipline Committee’s order requires the nurse to inform his or her employer(s) about its decision. If a nurse's certificate is revoked, the person may not use the title RN, RPN or NP, hold herself or himself out as a nurse in providing service, or undertake any controlled act.

Summaries of committee decisions are published in the The Standard, and on CanLII Connects; a Canadian legal database of case commentaries and summaries. Decisions are also added to the nurse’s profile on the CNO’s public register, Find a Nurse, indefinitely.

The Discipline Committee has established rules and guidelines that govern the hearings process. Discipline hearings are generally open to the public. 

Discipline Committee Members

Michael Hogard, RPN, Chair 
Janet Adanty, RN*
Andrea Arkell, PM 
Jay Armitage, PM 
Eloisa Busto, RPN* 
Antonia Colarossi, NP*
Tim Crowder, PM
Jean-Laurent Domingue, RN*
Sylvia Douglas, PM 
Ramona Dunn, RN 
David Edwards, RPN
Tomoko Fukushima, RN
Carly Gilchrist, RPN*
Shaneika Grey, RPN*
Lynn Hall, RN*
Tyler Hands, RN
Max Hamlyn, RPN*
Neil Hillier, RPN 
Nazlin Hirji, RN*
Carly Hourigan, PM 
Aisha Jahangir, RN
Morgan Krauter, NP
Karen LaForet, RN*
Sandra Larmour, PM

Sarah Louwagie, RPN*
Marnie MacDougall, PM
Mary MacNeil, RN*
Benson Mathai, RPN*
Jane Mathews, RN*
Donna May, RPN
Ian McKinnon, PM 
Sharon Moore, RN*
Edsel Mutia, RN
Shakhnoz Niezova, RN*
Andrea Norgate, RN*
Patricia Nowieka-Bujko, RPN*
Lalitha Poonasamy, PM
Susan Roger, RN*
Michael Schroder, NP*
Emilija Stojsavljevic, RPN*
Sherry Szucsko-Bedard, RN*
Kari Van Camp, NP*

* Appointed committee member

Discipline Committee 2021 Annual Report 




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