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Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee

The Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee screens matters related to public complaints or information the College receives through reports. The committee reviews written materials and determines whether a hearing is required or if some other action would address the public interest. Depending on the matter under review, the committee considers the results of a health inquiry or misconduct investigation, or may accept a resolution proposed by the nurse and complainant.

Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee Members 2017-2018
  • Dalton Burger, PM, Chair
  • Pedro Andrade, RN
  • Shana Anjema, RN*
  • Cheryl Barnet, NP
  • Cheryl Evans, RN
  • Laura MacMillan, RPN*
  • Connie Manning, RPN
  • Kyle Nielsen, RN*
  • Nicole Osbourne James, PM
  • Sandra Robinson, RN
  • Maria Sheculski, PM
  • Sherry Simo, RPN*
  • Katharina Skrzypek, RN*
  • Cathy Ward, PM

2 public member vacancies

* Appointed committee member

Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee 2017 year end report

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