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Applying to the Temporary Class

Applying to CNO is an online process.

To apply for the Temporary Class, you must first apply to join the General Class and then apply to join the Temporary Class. If you have not already started this process, go to Maintain Your Membership to create an account and apply online.

  1. Please note that you will need to create two online applications - one for the General Class and another for the Temporary Class. After you have begun the process to register in the General Class (see How to Apply), you can then apply for the Temporary Class online by creating a separate application for the Temporary Class and downloading the Temporary Class Offer of Employment Form.
  2. You should complete Section 1 of the form and the prospective employer (must be in Ontario) completes Sections 2. Once you have completed the form, you will have the chance to upload it during your application process online. However, if you do not upload the completed form at that time, you will need to send the form to CNO separately. Remember you must submit a valid police criminal record check. To make sure your application isn’t delayed, don’t wait until the end of the process to apply for it.

  3. You are encouraged to review the Temporary Class Learning Module on Nursing Regulation as a refresher. The Learning Module helps applicants understand the legal and ethical issues, as well as the professional accountabilities of the nursing profession in Ontario’s health care system.
  4. All applicants to the Temporary Class are also required to complete the RN/RPN Jurisprudence Examination. You will receive an email with details about how to access the online exam, which can be completed at any time, as part of your application to the General Class.

  5. Once CNO has received the completed online application, Offer of Employment form, fees, and police criminal record check, and it is satisfied you have met all Temporary Class requirements, it will take up to 15 business days for your registration to be processed. You can confirm your temporary registration by searching for your name on Find a Nurse, CNO’s online register.


  • Applicants who have failed the registration exam two times or more are not eligible to apply to the temporary class.
  • Your Temporary Class registration is only valid for 24 months from date of issue, unless CNO’s Executive Director authorizes an extensionIt is your responsibility to complete any outstanding registration requirements including the registration exam for your category (RN or RPN) before your  Temporary Class membership expires. We will send you a message in the applicant portal to let you know the date your Temporary Class registration expires.
  • If you apply for the Temporary Class and your registration is not completed by the time you pass the registration exam,  then your request for temporary registration will not be processed and you will have to complete the application for General Class membership.
  • Registration in the Temporary Class expires if you fail the registration exam twice. CNO will notify you and your employer that your registration has expired and you are no longer permitted to practice nursing in Ontario.  If you fail the registration exam twice while you have an open application, your application will be closed. Please note that application fees are non-refundable.
  • It will take 2 to 3 days to get your criminal record check. However to make sure your application isn’t delayed, it is important that you don’t wait until the end of your application to request your criminal record check. 

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Page last reviewed October 27, 2022