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Temporary Class

  1. Introduction

    The Temporary Class is an option for RN or RPN applicants to practice nursing while they complete their remaining registration requirements for the General Class.

  2. Applying to the Temporary Class

    To apply for the Temporary Class, you must first apply to join the General Class and then apply to join the Temporary Class. If you have not already started this process, go to Maintain Your Membership to create an account and apply online.

  3. Terms, Conditions and Limitations

    Members of the Temporary Class membership are subject to certain terms, conditions and limitations while practicing nursing.

  4. FAQs Registration Regulation Changes

    General Why is CNO making regulation changes to the Registration requirement? With a growing need for nurses in our province, CNO is working with the Ministry of Health to implement regulatory changes that will add to our ongoing efforts to increase the registration of nurses who are safe to...

Page last reviewed October 27, 2022