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The Temporary Class is an option for RN or RPN applicants who have met all the registration requirements for the General Class except the successful completion of a registration examination and have an offer of employment.   

Members of the Temporary Class are permitted to practise nursing (with terms, conditions and limitations) while they wait for their examination results. They are eligible to join the General Class when they successfully complete the registration exam and meet all other requirements for registration.

Membership in the Temporary Class lasts a maximum of six months. Within that timeframe, the member must pass the registration exam and apply for registration in the General Class.

Membership in the Temporary Class expires if the member fails the registration exam or fails to register in the General Class after six months as a temporary member. Individuals whose Temporary Registration with the College has expired are prohibited from practising nursing in Ontario, and from using the titles, "Registered Nurse," "Registered Practical Nurse," or "nurse."


Page last reviewed March 27, 2013