The Temporary Class is an option for RN or RPN applicants to practice nursing while they are completing their registration requirements for the General Class. 

To be eligible for the Temporary Class applicants must:

  • have completed an approved or recognized nursing education program in any jurisdiction
  • show recent Evidence of Practice
  • successfully complete the Jurisprudence Exam
  • demonstrate proficiency in English or French
  • provide proof that you are authorized to work in Canada
  • report any past offences or findings, and
  • declare any health or conduct issues that could affect your ability to practice
  • have an offer of employment from an approved facility in Ontario listed on the Temporary Class Registration Form Temporary Class registrants are permitted to practice nursing (with terms, conditions and limitations) while completing outstanding education or while waiting for their examination results. They are eligible to join the General Class when they successfully complete the registration exam and meet all other requirements for registration.

Applicants who have already failed the exam two times or more are not eligible for registration in the Temporary Class.

Upon registration in the Temporary Class, registrants will receive a message from CNO of date their certificate of registration expires.

Temporary Class registration expires when one of the following events occurs:  

  1. The date of expiry is reached, or  
  2. A second failure of any approved registration exam




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Page last reviewed October 31, 2022