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All applicants to the College must successfully complete the registration examination approved by Council for the category to which they are applying.

If you are applying to practise as an RN, you will write the NCLEX-RN.

If you are applying to practise as an RPN, you will write the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE).

Both tests consist of a series of questions designed to measure the competencies of nurses at the start of their practice. Both tests must be written at a designated testing facility within Canada.

Jurisprudence Examination

In addition to the registration exam, you  must successfully complete a separate jurisprudence exam designed to evaluate your knowledge and understanding of the laws, regulations, and College by-laws, practice standards and guidelines that govern the nursing profession in Ontario.

The RN/RPN Jurisprudence Exam is written online and can be completed at any time. Once you have submitted your application form and fees, you will receive information about how to access the secure testing site.

You must provide an email address to the College to receive information about your jurisprudence exam. This email address must be unique to you (i.e., it cannot be a shared address with other applicants to the College).

Visit our Examinations section for more about the registration and jurisprudence exams, including fees, refund policies and special accommodation requests.


Page last reviewed October 09, 2014