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Documents from official source

When applying to the College, you are required to obtain certain documents relating to your nursing education, practice, registration and other requirements from official sources such as schools, employers, or regulatory boards. These could be documents such as:

  • Verification of Course Completion forms, transcripts or course descriptions from the educational institution or school where you were educated
  • Verification of Nursing Practice forms, job descriptions or letters of reference from nursing employers
  • Verification of Registration forms from a nursing regulatory authority. 

When you cannot get documents from source

There may be circumstances that make it impossible to arrange for documents to be sent to the College directly from the official source. For example, the source could have experienced a natural disaster at their facility, or it could have closed down for other reasons.  Also, your personal circumstances, such as being a refugee, may make it challenging for you to obtain the document. 

If you are unable to obtain the required documentation, send an email or a letter to the College and we will tell you what you will need to do to proceed with your application. 




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Page last reviewed February 20, 2018